red-brown zombies part 2

For the second part of our three-parter on Red-Brown Zombies – the infection of far right ideas on the left – we swivel to the Belly of the Beast, the US of A. We interview Peter Soeller of on dirtbag leftism and related issues, and fellow anti-fascist Jae Em Carico on his work.

Transcript here.

Timecodes (visible on Spotify and iTunes but not the Anchor player embedded above):

  • Recs: 3.00
  • Peter Soeller interview: 11.00
  • Musical segue – 4 Deep In The Suburbs, KUDZAI: 1.24.40
  • Jae Em Carico interview: 1.29.00
  • Obituaries – Noel Ignatiev, Blair Peach: 2.16.00


Furious Political Thought references:

Music credits:

  • 4 Deep In The Suburbs (featured track), KUDZAI
  • Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven
  • Where’s My Jetpack, Radio Free Babylon
  • Dreams, Joakim Karud
  • Awaken, Martynas Lau
  • Bass Meant Jazz
  • BXL, Chuki Beats
  • Thundermine, Distant Star
  • Ambivert, by FSM Team
  • Various, Kevin MacLeod
  • Various, Lakey Inspired
  • Various, therealtheremin
  • Various, Tryad

Video sampled:

  • Plan 9 From Outer Space (Criswell intro)

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