Thanos Was Wrong: Populationism and Ecosocialist alternatives

Our December episode addresses populationism and ecosocialist alternatives, plus reviews of Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) and nuclear-themed BBC miniseries Edge of Darkness (1985) discussing the ecological themes of each.

Full script available here.

Timecodes (visible on Spotify and iTunes but not the embedded Anchor player):

  • Recs: 3.34
  • Furious Political Thought – Democide, populationism, ecomodernism and ecosocialism: 6.42
  • Reviews – Godzilla KOTM (2019) and Edge of Darkness (1985): 45.10
  • Local Area Network – Climate refugees in the Pacific: 1.21.22


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Music sampled:

  • Where’s My Jetpack, by Radio Free Babylon
  • We Survive, by The Happy Plaster (featured track)
  • BXL, by Chuki Beats (intro background)
  • Distant Star, by Thundermine (Furious Political Thought segue)
  • Various, by Lakey Inspired (Furious Political Thought background)
  • Various, by Ken MacLeod (pop-culture retrospective background)
  • Noire #1, by Pedro (pop-culture retrospective background)
  • Waltz in the Moonlight, by Tryad (LAN background music)
  • Spring in my Step, by Silent Partner (outro background)

Video sampled:

  • Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959), feature film

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