Red-Brown Zombies: The story so far…

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Five reports from the No Fate Project, on the fight against the coming Red-Brown Zombie plague.

Fourth-Wall Breaking Disclaimer: This arc was conceived before COVID-19, with the first part being broadcast in November 2019. It is based on Daphne Lawless’ concept of the Red-Brown Zombie Plague, the infection of far right ideas on the left:


  • Part 1 – Cabin in the Woods: 0.50
  • Part 2 – Broadcast from a future/Call to adventure: 64.35
  • Part 3 – History of the future: 68.19
  • Part 4 – Ani meets Ani: 76.04
  • Part 5 – No Fate Project HQ: 77.23


  • Infiltrators, by Nathaniel Wyvern
  • Creepy Hallow (lost track of artist name – if you know please tell us!)
  • Night of the Living Dead closing credits music, by Ogre & Dallas Campbell
  • Search for Destiny + Unknown World, by Royalty Free Zone
  • Clair de Lune (Epic Version), by L’Orchestra Cinematique
    Movement 5 of Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz, performed by San Francisco Community Orchestra (featuring orchestral version of ‘Dies Irae’ refrain)
  • Dies Irae beat by ǾZZYMANDIAS
  • Dies Irae vocal performance by Membeth
  • Dies Irae beat by CROWZ
  • Shortland Street Theme, composed by Graham Bollard and performed by Nina Cross
  • Leon Theremin playing his own instrument (Donlevy theme)

Sound effects:

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