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Content warning: Castration, immature content.

The Halloween sequel nobody asked for (because you were too afraid to ask), on a topic certain of our listeners might find truly scary.

The first Ballbusters episode from Halloween 2019, our highest rated episode ever, is available here.

Written and edited by Ani White. Performed by Ani White and Derek Johnson.

Bear Zardoz art by Pachon Hernández/@pachonhdz_ on instagram. Vaporwave grid background by Allqn on Reddit.

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Media/pop culture samples in order of appearance:

  • Criswell intro/outro: Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959, feature film)
  • The Wilhelm Scream: Up to 400 feature films, beginning with Distant Drums (1951, feature film)
  • Stefan Molyneux: The Majority Report (2019, TV show)
  • “This is the news!”: The Day Today (1994, TV show)
  • Gay Future trailer: GAY FUTURE (2019, podcast)
  • “…flattening penises…”: The Good Place (2016-2020, TV show)
  • Peter Coffin kicking himself in the nuts: Steve Harvey’s Big Time (2004, TV show)
  • “You get the point? / I’m gonna bust your balls”: Little Shop of Horrors (1986, feature film)
  • Koko the Gorilla story: Up Til Now: The Autobiography: William Shatner (2008, audio book)
  • Ow my balls TV show parody: Idiocracy (2006, feature film)

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