Kaiju Cycle 3: Three Weddings and Countless Funerals

An update on the emergence of real-life kaiju in our timeline, including the formation of three new pairs: two Protectors, two Destroyers, and two Sapphic scientists.

Previously in the Kaiju Cycle:

Written by Ani White, with contributions from Derek Johnson.
Performed by Derek Johnson and Ani White, with a cameo by Lidia Grigorut.
Edited by Lidia Grigorut and Ani White.
Poster image by Nicholas Roerich.


Creature effects from @ComicJohnPowers, thegoose09, Noxdl, W.O.W. Sound, All Sounds, Aetherspire, VIPis, cylon8472, MyNameIsZoom, ViralVideoUK.

Further sound effects from Effects Library, Sound Effects Database, George Vlad, @Sound Effect, kangaroovindaloo.

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