Pride #3: Edgy Queer Ultra-Left Sampler

Samples from the last 50+ years, from a queer ultra-left perspective.

Edited by Ani White.


Samples from Disclosure (2020 feature documentary), Pride (2014 feature film), Sylvia Rivera at NYC Gay Pride Rally (1973 archival video), Marsha P Johnson interviewed by Betty Brown (1973 archival video), Zero Patience (1993 short film), Pink Flamingos (1972 feature film), The Raspberry Reich (2004 feature film), Queer as Folk (1999 UK TV series), The Making of Monsters (1991 short film), La Chinoise (1967 feature film), Soylent Green (1973 feature film), You Gotta Have Soul! Performance by Marsha P Johnson (n.d. archival video), 1989: ACT UP AIDS Activist Takes On The New York Times (2019 interview)


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