Pride in the Philippines

Ani interviews RJ from Mindanao, the Philippines on LGBT struggles there.
Note: This was recorded before the national elections of Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Edited by DJ Panda. Poster image by J Gerard Seguia via Getty Images.
Music-free version.

Recommended reading:

  • Philippine Gay Culture – J. Neil
  • Divas: Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora – Martin Manalansan
  • More Tomboy, Mora Bakla Than We Admit: Insights Into Sexual and Gender Diversity in Philippine Culture, History, and Politics – Edited by Mark Blasius and Richard Chu


  • Catching Feelings – Jeivenchy (featured track)
  • Background music: Waltz in the Moonlight – Tryad, Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven, Swim – NV, piano tracks by Lucas King and Mattia Cupelli
  • Theme music: Where’s My Jetpack – Radio Free Babylon

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