Announcement: Where’s My Jetpack podcast taking a break

Regular listeners may have noticed Where’s My Jetpack podcast hasn’t released anything in a little while. We’re now officially taking a hiatus.

There are two main reasons for this. Firstly life has gotten in the way, but secondly our patreon wasn’t sufficient to cover the costs of paying editors and transcribers, plus occasional visual artists. We were paying for this out of pocket until we simply couldn’t. We planned to run a crowdfunding campaign to relaunch the podcast, but again life has gotten in the way.

We are working on material for future episodes, and we’ve got recorded but not edited episodes in the bank, so the hiatus isn’t permanent, though we can’t give you dates yet. When we do relaunch, we will also run that crowdfunding campaign.

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported the podcast including listeners, editors, designers, transcribers, and those who’ve contributed financially. We absolutely understand if you choose to suspend payments, though as we are planning to relaunch, support would still be much appreciated.

As always, we’ll see you in the future!