Episode 1: Wanting to Believe

We are pleased to bring you the inaugural episode of Where’s My Jetpack, a politics and pop-culture podcast with sci fi and socialist leanings. Your hosts Derek Johnson and Ani White bring you the following segments:
00:00 – Pop quiz: An introduction to your hosts and our interests
1:05:07 – Furious Political Thought: A discussion of averted futures, drawing on David Graeber’s Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit, including a critical take on Fully Automated Luxury Communism and a case for ecosocialism.
1:59:11 – Retrofuturistic Retrospective on overlooked 90s movie The Rocketeer, including multiple tangents (part 1 of 2, to be concluded in our second episode).
2:22:33: Ani reports back on a 21-day socialist seminar in the Philippines.

The episode features the following music:
Where’s My Jetpack – Radio Free Babylon
Scientist – Big Rick
Queer as in Fuck You – Dog Park Dissidents
Various – Lakey Inspired
Blueshift – Airglow
Carinosa – Sylvia La Torre
Ala Ala Ay Ikaw – Eddie Peregrina
Brush Filter Beat – therealtheremin

Articles referenced:
The Conquest of Space in the Time of Power, Eduardo Rothe for the Situationist International
Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit, David Graeber
5 Best Movies with Jetpacks in them, The Retroist

Where’s My Jetpack is produced by the No Fate Project.

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