Episode 2: Death Star PR – is all corporate media propaganda?

We’re back with the second episode of Where’s My Jetpack, a politics and pop culture podcast with sci fi and socialist leanings. This episode features a friendly debate on whether all corporate media is propaganda, drawing on the Herman/Chomsky propaganda model.

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Transcript here.

The timecodes for segments are as follows:

  • 01.40 – Recs
  • 09.40 – Furious Political Thought: Is all corporate media propaganda?
  • 01:06.20 – Review: Elysium (or class war in space)
  • 1:15.40 – Local Area Network: Protect Ihumātao Aotearoa/New Zealand explained
  • 1:25.10 – Outro: Tears in the Rain (a Rutger Hauer tribute)

In our Recs segment, we recommended the following sources:

Sources related to the Furious Political Thought segment:

Protect Ihumātao campaign links:

Film/video sampled:

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