COVID-19: For a Just Lockdown

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COVID-19 demands an internationalist response, rather than an expansion of repression. On May Day, or international workers day, we bring you an interview on just lockdown with Aotearoa/New Zealand migrant/refugee advocate Gayaal Iddamalgoda.

We conclude with a review of Saving Blighty by Jim Jepps, the best ever Brexit time travel novel.

Written and spoken by Ani White, Lidia Grigorut and Gayaal Iddamalgoda. Edited by Ani and Lidia.

Transcript here.

Timecodes (visible on Spotify and Apple Podcasts but not above embedded anchor fm player):

  • Recs: 2.50
  • Interview with Gayaal Iddamalgoda: 9.50
  • Review of Saving Blighty, novel by Jim Jepps ( 50.00


Furious Political Thought references:

Cultural retrospective references:

  • Saving Blighty (2016), novel by Jim Jepps (available at
  • Discourse on Colonialism (1950), book by Aimé Césaire (free PDF available on LibCom)


  • Lock Down, by Dan Skinner, Adam Skinner, Dave James
  • Brush Filter Beat, by therealtheremin
  • Various by Kevin MacLeod (jazz playlist compiled by Mr Sleep)
  • Waltz in the Moonlight, by Tryad
  • Moonlight Sonata, by Beethoven
  • Search for Destiny, by Royalty Free Music
  • Shortland Street Theme, composed by Graham Bollard and performed by Nina Cross
  • Alone, by Tryad

Video/film sampled:

  • Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959), feature film (Criswell intro/outro)
  • Alien (1979), feature film
  • Be Kind Rewind (2008), feature film
  • Machete (2010), feature film

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