4/20 Episode: DRUGS (and mental health)

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A little something to help you through physical distancing. This month on 420 day we’re discussing drugs (and mental health), from Acid Communism to psychiatry.

We also include a mysterious tape sent back to us by the No Fate Project, recounting the future zombie plague.

Fourth-Wall Break: Our zombie plague arc was conceived before COVID-19, with the first entries being aired in November 2019, so while we have worked in references to coronavirus, it’s not a deliberate allegory for that. Rather the allegory is based on Daphne Lawless’ work on the Red-Brown Zombie Plague, the infection of far right ideas on the left. Satire is dead.

Timecodes (visible on Spotify and iTunes, not above embedded anchor fm player):

  • Recs: 3.17
  • Bojack Horseman retrospective: 13.15
  • Acid Communism and Acid Corbynism: 21.12
  • Psychiatry: 42.44
  • Political relevance of Star Trek: DS9‘s Past Tense: 1.13.30 / 73.30
  • Mysterious cassette from the future: 1.20.10 / 80.10

Written and performed by Derek Johnson and Ani White. Edited on Audacity and and Ableton Live, by Ani White and Lidia Grigorut.


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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License