Bonus: Climax!

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No Fate Project report: shit just got real. The zombie plague has begun.

Written, performed and edited by Derek Johnson and Ani White (based on a concept from Daphne Lawless).

Previously in this saga:

Background on the IRL Red-Brown Zombie Plague, the infection of far-right ideas on the left:

Financially support accessible vaccination against the Red-Brown Zombie Plague here.

Music sampled:

  • Infection – Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
  • Interdimensional Horrors – Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
  • City of the Dead – Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
  • Claire de Lune, epic version – L’orchestra Cinematique
  • We’ll Meet Again – Heleyni Pratley covers a song by Vera Lynn

Also featuring samples from Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (2004)

Sound effects by SoundEffectsFactory, RIFTEDGAMERISLINK1400, Sound Effects & More, Sound effects & More, trollarch2, ccsamples-maniac, lensflare8642, Visual & Sound FX, Scary Sound Effects, All Sounds, DzulakaBumba, Henricky390, kangaroovindaloo, Sound Library, cylon8742, n Beats, ryanconway.

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