Syrian Revolution 10th anniversary bonus – Razan Ghazzawi interview

Demonstrators protest against the bloody crackdown by the regime outside the Syrian embassy in Madrid on April 24, 2011 – Dominique Faget

Content warning: State and military violence, including that against women and gender minorities.

On the 10th anniversary of the Syrian Revolution, we interview exiled Syrian-Palestinian scholar-activist Razan Ghazzawi.

Hosted by Derek Johnson and Ani White. Edited by DJ Panda.

Transcript here.


  • Recs: 1.50 approx
  • Interview: 7.10 approx



  • Where’s My Jetpack, Radio Free Babylon
  • Waltz in the Moonlight, Tryad
  • Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven
  • Swim, NV
  • Piano tracks by Lucas King and Mattia Cupelli

Syrian revolution samples:

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