Kaiju Cycle 2: Emu War II: First Blood

Emu Commander (left) by JuggaloICP, Bird of Prey (right) by Jared P. Foust/@xenofauna

An update on the emergence of real-life kaiju in our timeline, including the clash between the North American Bird of Prey and Australian Mega-Dromaius, a decisive battle in Emu War II.

Previously in the Kaiju Cycle:

Written by Ani White, performed by Derek Johnson and Ani White, edited by Lidia Grigorut and Ani White.


  • Shin Godzilla, by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
  • Clair de Lune (epic cinematic version), performed by L’Orchestra Cinematique
  • Waltz in the Moonlight, by Tryad
  • Leon Theremin plays the theremin
  • Don’t Make Me Wait, by NV (thanks to Andre Upston)

Creature effects from @ComicJohnPowers, thegoose09, Noxdl, W.O.W. Sound, All Sounds, Aetherspire, VIPis, cylon8472, MyNameIsZoom, ViralVideoUK.

Further sound effects from ParadoxMirror, Sound Effects, MasterSoundEffects, Gaming Sound Effects, Sound Effects Database, @SoundEffect, Sounds Recorded, n Beats.

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