Kaiju Cycle 5: Rampage

As the four remaining kaiju converge on Syria, and a separatist Silicon Valley cartel seizes control of California, our hero Derek Johnson receives worrying news from Antarctica. Violence ensues. 

Previous instalments:

Written by Ani White, with contributions from Derek Johnson.
Performed by Derek Johnson and Ani White.
Edited by Lidia Grigorut and Ani White.
Poster/thumbnail image by MasterChiefSnake.


  • Shin Godzilla, by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
  • Clair de Lune (Epic Cinematic Version), by L’Orchestra Cinematique
  • Distant Star, by Thundermine
  • Intense Cyberpunk Fight Music, by Kill Crew
  • Leon Theremin plays the theremin
  • Waltz in the Moonlight, by Tryad
  • Swim, by NV

Creature effects from @ComicJohnPowers, thegoose09, Noxdl, W.O.W. Sound, All Sounds, Aetherspire, VIPis, cylon8472, MyNameIsZoom, ViralVideoUK.

Further sound effects by Trollarch2, Isolation Music, Berline Atmospheres, Cinecry, DJ Sound FX, Soundsnap, Dr Sound FX, Siimon Sounds, Code Renard, S Media Visuals & Sounds, Malyanimate, TankersleyFX, Mr Goldfish Sound Effects, Free Sound Effects, 2 MirrorsDialogue.

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